Data Quality Dashboard

Get visibility into causes & effects of data quality issues & improve accountability.

Primary Users

Data Steward

Key Goals Addressed

Reduce the impacts of defective data on our business operations and customer experiences by improving data quality.

Background/ Challenge/ Brief

Data defects have a direct impact on the processes firms used to support customer interactions. A problem many data quality improvement processes suffer from is insufficient visibility into causes and effects of data quality issues. The other problem is holding specific organizations accountable for improving data quality.

The initial ideas and approach were centered around an organizational centric view-“organisation having departments doing work to solve customer problems”. However, since the exercise was about impacts on customer experience, we proposed a design that focuses on the customer journey.

This changed the vantage point to “customers in their journeys being helped by parts of an organization”. Customer experience data at various touch points were available, and we decided to visualize these as part of the customer journey, rather than in isolation for every touch point. We took inspiration from the idea of a service blueprint for the final visualization.

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