Law Modeling

Easily understand, track, improve and achieve compliance with a regulation.

Primary Users

Employees responsible to achieve compliance.

Key Goals Addressed

Know what I need to do to be compliant.

Background/ Challenge/ Brief

Complex regulations are lengthy legal documents which most people find hard to comprehend. Their ability to act is limited and actions sometimes misguided due to insufficient understanding of what it means to be compliant.

While reading an article is not the hardest thing on the planet, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if the overwhelming text is simplified and converted into a basic checklist which a firm needs to complete to ensure their compliance with the regulation? Now, all that a firm in the scope of a regulation needs to do is check off action items and it is good to go.

Imagine if we take it up a notch and not only provide you with a compliance checklist but also a heat map which helps you ascertain the level of risk, wouldn’t that be nicer?

For the inquisitive and proactive firms governed by regulations, some FAQs can be added to help them get more clarity on the Articles that they choose to focus on. There is a provision to have a glossary of key terms as well.

While the heat map shown above summarizes the story of a firm’s compliance level with a law and provides a bird’s eye view, an alternate mode is available where users can view the articles of the regulation by category.

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