Timekeeper Concept

A timekeeper app that tries to make time logging less painful.

Primary Users

Employees required to log their time.

Key Goals Addressed

Minimize effort towards mandatory time logging.

Background/ Challenge/ Brief

Everyone likes to procrastinate filling timesheets as it is never an enjoyable experience. It’s a challenge to remember the details of time spent on various official activities. Other painful activities include going through multiple logins to navigate to the appropriate system and having to perform repetitive actions frequently.

The core idea was to keep the design simple so as not to overwhelm the user for a mundane activity like filling in time-sheets, but simultaneously, provide functionality that may be used as people start to use the app more. The image depicts some feature ideas considered.

We settled on three key interfaces. First, the core app screen where today’s tasks would be captured.

  • The core app screen where today’s tasks would be captured
  • Items from today’s calendar entries will automatically be entered
  • Advanced options include adding tags like ‘Client’, ‘Project’, ‘Personal’ etc, and adding an image attachment (for capturing meeting whiteboarding sessions etc.)
  • The user can also make entries to this screen by using voice
  • Basic navigation within this screen can be used to quickly switch between the days of the week

Second, the main navigation interface which takes care of navigating beyond the current week.

  • Basically for switching to a different week, month or year
  • This interface provides a bird’s eye view for days without activity and holidays
  • Hence an appropriate paradigm to express all these aspects was thought to be a calendar
  • The user can also view a graphical summary of effort spent on various projects per month

Third, a list of projects. The user can enable or disable particular projects.

  • For every enabled project, an empty task will automatically be created on the first interface
  • For a given project, the user can also see numbers of hours worked across a week month or year
  • Other CRUD operations for projects can also be accessed from this interface
  • Interface 3 focuses on projects as interface focuses on time – the two key aspects of timekeeping

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